As promised

Here’s my taxi ride from the other day, and here’s a little play-by-play (in case you want to skip over the humming of the taxi, but if you really want the whole experience, you should just listen straight through…). I recommend downloading the file so you can see the elapsed time and jump around:

Begins in taxi down Avenue Kasa-Vubu towards Place Victoire - the driver is singing
:20 “awa?” (”here?”) that’s the driver asking someone if this is where they want to get out
:34 I get out of the taxi - sounds of Victoire - record stores, etc
1:18 “Regideso” - me finding the taxi (to “Regideso”), getting in
2:10 “Papier mouchoir” (this is the kleenex packets that are being sold everywhere, mostly by kids - someone bought some)
2:19 “Regideso moko!” - “moko” means one - there’s one more seat left
2:30 “Papier mouchoir! Zila!” - Zila means wait - the last person was still getting in as the driver started to leave
2:53 “Tokei!” - “let’s go”
6:00 Church music on Avenue Enseignement (it was a Sunday)
7:30-ish someone singing in the taxi
7:52 porter calling for new passengers after dropping a couple off
8:19 taps on roof - that’s how the porter tells the driver “let’s go”
14:55 a woman pays only 150fc for two people and the price is 200. They get into a loud argument that would have scared me to death if I didn’t understand what they were saying. As she walks away, the driver says “you’re going to pray with a debt on your conscience” and people chuckle…
17:55 I get out of the taxi (say merci) and walk to the boulevard (you can hear my steps)
19:00 a long wait on the boulevard as taxis speed by
27:45-ish an empty taxi stops and I tell him I’m going to “Grand Hotel.” He says, “donne 1000 francs” (the normal fare is 100-150 if he picks up other people). I say “800″ and we go. I chat him up a little for the 3 minutes or so it takes to get there, talking about how dead downtown is compared to my part of town on a Sunday.

So that’s that…

Now here’s the clip of me singing Blackbird (nothing fancy, just in case anyone wanted to hear my voice),

and our latest studio production, a song called Chemin du Salut by my friend Serge:

There is still some work to be done, but I think it’s pretty good - that’s me on bass…

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  1. Mom Says:

    John, can you send me a recording of you playing Nevertheless? We need you.
    The recordings here are neat - really like Serge’s song. You guys sound great!

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